Book Clubs

Is your book club reading one of my books? I would love to participate in your discussion! Depending on the location, I can do so in person or more likely virtually. If interested, please contact me.

I can also mail signed labels that you can stick in your copy of my books. If interested, please contact me.


1) While the novel is from Justina’s point of view, it is also about other women: Rosa, Livia, Viena, Madelena, Esther, Zanetta, La Diamante, Mama, Elisabetta, Mother Marina, and others. Which woman do you most identify with? Which woman did you like the most? Why?

2) Would you consider any of these women to be feminists? Why or why not? For their time, could they possibly be considered feminists?

3) What do you think of the men in this novel? Luca, Paolo, Papa, Zago, Teodor, and others. Who did you like or not like, and why?

4) How much do Venetian society and rules influence the characters in the novel, both women and men? How does that influence compare with other periods in history, including today?

5) How much does the War of the League of Cambrai influence both Venetian society and the characters in this novel? What about the interdict?

6) How much do religion and faith influence both Venetian society and the characters in this novel?

7) Do you think Justina made the right decisions at the end of the novel? What do you wish she had done differently? What would you have done in her situation, back in 1509? What would you do with the benefit of modern-day information?

8) This novel was meant to bring forgotten women’s stories to the contemporary reader. Which other character would you like to see have her own novel and why?