The Sidewalk Artist

by Gina Buonaguro & Janice Kirk

“Nifty plotting has the main story pause for passages from Tulia’s book and the travelogue she’s reading, keeping this entertaining novel from becoming a sentimental romance. 3½ out of 4 stars.” -People Magazine

Tulia Rose, a New York writer escaping a crumbling relationship and a severe case of writers’ block, chances to meet a sidewalk artist on a Paris street. When she admires his chalk renderings of the Renaissance artist Raphael’s angels, he invites her to share a glass of wine. 

Intrigued by the chalk angels, she begins a novel based on the life of Raphael and the historical mystery of Raphael’s secret lover – a project that takes her on a journey through the art capitals of Europe. But as Tulia begins to unravel that story, her relationship with the sidewalk artist becomes increasingly disconcerting. Why is he so evasive about his past? What is he hiding? Tulia doesn’t know, but she worries she is falling in love with him. As the lines between past and present, dream and reality start to blur, Tulia wonders whether her meeting with the sidewalk artist is really chance or coincidence. 

As the novel draws to its extraordinarily moving close, she – and the reader – uncover both a mystery from the past and the true identity of the sidewalk artist.

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