Happy 1600th Birthday, Venice!

On March 25, 2021, Venice celebrates 1600 years of existence. From its humble origins as a marshy outpost safe from the barbarians through its glory days as the Serene City to today as it grapples with over-tourism and climate change while preserving its heritage, Venice continues to defy logic and endure.

I will mark the occasion by continuing revisions of my novel set in 1509 Venice, for which I’m thrilled to say I just received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts!

Venice will start the day by ringing many bells and continuing with at least 235 events through 2022: The celebrations will begin on March 25 at 11 AM, during the Annunciation, at St Mark’s Basilica…. At 4 PM, all the churches of the patriarchate will ring their bells at length. At 6:30 PM, state broadcaster RAI will be paying homage to Venice with music, photos, and the story of the city’s 16 centuries….

I’ll leave you with a few personal photos I’ve taken of Venice, since the city speaks best for itself. Buon compleanno e eccolo per altri 1600 anni!

“Oh the winter light in this city!” – Joseph Brodsky
A squero (gondola boatyard)
Looking toward the Guidecca
Campo San Zaccaria, the namesake church, and the former convent buildings
The Grand Canal

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