Scenes from “The Virgins of Venice”

I recently had the joy of returning to Venice for the first time in ten years. I had a tentative plans to travel there the summer of 2020, and we all know how that went.

Despite the intense heat, what a pleasure it was to be there again. And what a relief to know that I had gotten just about everything right in my novel The Virgins of Venice, to be released December 13!

Thus, without further ado, here are some scenes from my novel to whet your appetite. (Speaking of appetite, I lived on Aperol spritzes, caprese insalati, and plenty of gelati – yum.)

Piazza San Marco – the Doge’s Palazzo is on the right, the Basilica San Marco is the domed building, and the square is to the left of that – this is the heart of Venice, and where the men of Venice frequently mingled
The Doge’s Palazzo close up – the noblemen of Venice spent much of their time on the upper floor as part of the Great Council, which every patrician male joined at age 25
The Piazzetta of San Marco, facing away from the Doge’s Palazzo and Basilica and toward the lagoon – those are the columns of San Marco and San Teodor, which one of my characters jokes that his mother will string him up between if he continues his bad behaviour
Now a police building, this is the former convent of San Zaccaria, where my nuns live – I asked around about the possibility of requesting a tour of the interior, but was told this was not a good idea!
The Church of San Zaccaria, possibly the most beautiful in a city full of beautiful churches – that’s me in the orange dress in the lower right
In a funny twist of fate, I ran into an old high school friend (who married a native Venetian) on the steps of San Zaccaria! Hadn’t seen her in years and I don’t think she’s aged a wink – you can also see the beautiful pink marble facade of the church
One of the nicest hotels in Venice is the Daniele – it really was the home of a noble family and thus I made it the home of one of my main characters – why not?!
The lobby of the Daniele with its “Golden Staircase” built in medieval times – absolutely gorgeous
The nun’s choir area in San Zaccaria Church – the elaborately carved wooden stalls are where the nuns would sit and sing, while the golden and velvet chairs are where the doge and his entourage would rest when he visted
The oldest part of San Zaccaria Church – about 1000 years old

Venezia, finche non ci rivediamo! Venice, until we meet again!

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