Christmas Book Flood: A New Tradition?

For many years, I and my family spent most Christmases with my relatives in New Jersey. It became something of a tradition, where even Santa knew to bring my children’s stocking stuffers to their grandparents’ home. However, last year, due to the pandemic and draconian travel restrictions, we stayed home in Canada and made the best of it. Santa even got the update and made the necessary GPS adjustments.

Christmas 2010

This year, we are still in a similar situation, and so a homebound Christmas it again will be. That is why I would like to take a page from Icelanders and institute a new family tradition: The Christmas Book Flood.

According to this recent article in Country Living Magazine, Jolabokaflod began during WW2, when most things were rationed in Iceland – except for paper. Many books were given as gifts that holiday season, and thus a tradition was born.

I can see it now: All of us gathered round the glowing Christmas tree, our kitty warming himself by the fire, hot chocolates in one hand with plenty of whipped cream on top, and cracking open a good book with the other. Pure bliss.

With that said, I wish you and yours a happy new year (when I’ll have an exciting announcement!) and the very best for the season.

All we need are the hot cocoas and books

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