The History Quill’s Writers Convention 2022

Happy New Year!

Calling all historical novelists and those who wish to be them!

The History Quill, a wonderful website I stumbled across a few years ago, is hosting its first ever conference at the beginning of February 2022. It will be all virtual of course, not really because of the pandemic but because participants will be from all over the world.

I will be co-presenting the panel on Sunday February 6, 2022 at 9 am Eastern called “Women in History.” I asked the lovely M.K. Tod to join me. She is the author of not only many excellent historical fiction novels (including Paris in Ruins, for which I interviewed her last year); she also writes an indispensable blog for both historical fiction writers and readers called A Writer of History. It has been a true pleasure to work with her and get to know her as we prepare for our session.

Here’s a description of what we’ll be discussing:

In this panel, female authors get together to discuss the portrayal of women in historical fiction. It is a challenge to project women in their historic context while making the novel approachable to modern day readers. Covering time periods such as the Italian Renaissance, the late 19th century, and the World Wars, Gina Buonaguro and M.K. Tod will discuss ‘How can you write women true to the time that also resonate with the modern-day reader?’ and will look at how the critical elements of voice, dialogue, setting, conflict, and plot contribute to a successful portrayal.

Please join us and all the other people presenting throughout five days focused on craft, marketing, trends, and publishing.

See a list of the full convention’s agenda here.

You can sign up for the conference here.

Hope to see you there!

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