Preorder The Virgins of Venice!

You may have already heard (I’m a little excited) but my new (and first solo) historical novel The Virgins of Venice will be released on Tuesday December 13, 2022! It’s available in English all around the world – ebook, paperback, audio – so if you go here you will find all the links you need wherever you live.

And yes, you can do it now! I don’t mean to be crass, but that is an author’s plight these days – we must be proactive. Pre-orders – however and wherever you choose – help authors because they influence the decisions of publishers, bookstores, libraries, and algorithms. Perhaps a gift for the reader, history lover, Italophile, or future Venice traveler on your holiday list?

Reading by the Christmas tree


  1. Share or forward this email or link with friends or family you think may be interested – word of mouth really matters!
  2. Review the novel on Amazon, Goodreads, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Audible, BookBub, etc. – whatever site is part of your orbit. This can REALLY help, even just a sentence or two.
  3. Suggest The Virgins of Venice for your book club. If you are interested, I can also attend, either virtually or maybe in person – just contact me! I will be adding book club guide questions very soon.
  4. Ask your local library to buy a copy.
  5. Ask a bookstore employee where to find the book – this helps them become aware of the book. Also, ask your local bookstore to order a few copies.


Here’s what a few early reviewers are saying about the novel:

  1. “Gina captivates the imagination and immersed me in a delicate balance of history and fiction.”
  2. “All of the smells, textures, politics, conflicts, mores, and emotions come to life in this intriguing and stunning novel. Read this book for total immersion in this fascinating time period. Highly recommend.”
  3. “This is no wishy-washy historical romance. Gina’s newest novel is full of rich detail and plot twists that I didn’t see coming. And I’m here for them!”
  4. “This book was beautiful, ugly, scary, intriguing it’s just an all-around awesome freaking book! “
  5. “This was a superb read! I absolutely loved the opportunity to travel back to sixteenth-century Venice and see behind the walls of the San Zaccaria convent as much as I loved the chance to see how women fared with the social stratification, class barriers and social class rigidity in this maritime republic.”
  6. “I think this might be as good as a TV show because of the drama and events that unfold.”
  7. “The exacting research of the period of her historical novel is obvious without deterring from the pace of the story. While becoming involved in Justina’s alliances, this book informs about 16th century Italy, reinforcing the value of this novel. Recommended.”
  8. “I was so engaged with the characters that each twist kept me clinging to its pages.”
  9. “This was an entrancing story. Historical Venice is really brought to life, and it’s like stepping through a time portal to watch the story unfold.”

Thank you again for your support – I greatly appreciate it!

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season,


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