The Virgins of Venice now available!

Well, today is publication day for my new novel The Virgins of Venice!

All the information about where to find the book can be found here.

I am humbled by the enthusiasm from friends, family, and readers alike and greatly appreciate your support.

In addition to of course reading the book, here are other ways to help if you are so inclined:

  1. Spread the word via social media or word of mouth.
  2. Write a review (short – even just one sentence! – is fine) on any site, like Amazon and Goodreads. This really helps.
  3. Choose the novel for your book club. (Book club questions are here and the end of the novel.)
  4. Ask your local library to order copies.
  5. Ask your local bookstore to order copies.

I want to also take this opportunity to wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season and the very best for 2023.

And of course, happy reading!


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