Would you please write a review?

Well, it’s been quite a first month in the life of The Virgins of Venice!

I have been truly humbled by the photographs sent to me of people receiving their copy, the personal emails I have received, the reviews that have been posted (a few excerpts below), and the book events I’ve participated in so far. And I was beyond thrilled when I learned that The Virgins of Venice is an Indigo Bookstore Bestseller!

It would never have happened without you, dear readers and friends, and for that I profusely thank you.

May I now ask three things of you?

  1. After you finish reading the novel, would you write a short review? Even one sentence helps. Amazon, Goodreads, Indigo, BookBub, Barnes and Noble – any place is welcome and helpful. All links here.
  2. Would you consider selecting The Virgins of Venice for your book club? I’m happy to attend for all or part, online for sure and in person if possible – just contact me. Book club questions here.
  3. Can you tell a friend? Forward this link, mention you read the book, give it as a gift, ask your library to get a copy, etc. Word of mouth really matters.

My plan for 2023 is to continue talking up The Virgins of Venice, immerse myself in reading more and better, and start my next novel.

All the best to you as you embark on your own new year!

Can you spot The Virgins of Venice toward the bottom?


“The amount of research that went into the book is evident and the plot is well paced. The characters have depth and are relatable. Made me want to visit Venice!”

“Such a delicious read. True historical fiction inspires you to delve deeper into the era and do further research. This book did that for me. Fascinating account of 16th century Venetian life and the treatment of women in particular.”

“I loved The Virgins of Venice, which follows Justina as she navigates what it means to be a young lady in Venice in 1509, not an easy path. Justina is a worthy heroine, and in fact all the other characters are beautifully rendered inside a palpable watery city of old. Great plot, plenty of surprises, and a pleasure to read and learn from. A great gift for women.”

“Excellent read! Gives the reader great insight into the lives and loves of Venetian women in the 1500s.”

“The author has produced a novel which I thoroughly enjoyed due to the high level of research evident, giving an atmospheric, brutal yet beautiful story. This is one of my favourite eras and places to read about and will stand as one of my favourites.”

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