Top 10 Plaques – Newfoundland

I recently had the pleasure of spending a week in Newfoundland, which became a Canadian province in 1949. Jutting into the Atlantic from the most northeastern point of North America, The Rock dazzles both with its natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, half Canadian/half British Isles. With the soundtrack to the hit Broadway musical Come … Continue reading Top 10 Plaques – Newfoundland

Major Update on Raphael @500!

I guess the universe was listening because yesterday Google alerts sent me a major Raphael update in the form of an article just published in The Art Newspaper, "After Leonardo, the spotlight is on Raphael for the 500th anniversary of his death next year." Thankfully, several Raphael retrospectives are in the works in time for … Continue reading Major Update on Raphael @500!

The Upcoming 500th Anniversary of Raphael’s Death

Raphael self-portrait, approximately 23 years old Raphael Sanzio: one of the world’s first Renaissance men, right up there with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as part of the most famous artistic trinity. And yet in many ways, an afterthought. Younger than Michelangelo by eight years, Raphael was born on Good Friday 1483, after Leonardo had … Continue reading The Upcoming 500th Anniversary of Raphael’s Death